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Educational Objectives

Educational Objectives


We offer courses that provide students with an in-depth understanding of the structure and characteristics of English from a linguistic perspective, as well as a comprehensive understanding of ways of thinking, lifestyles, traditions, and consciousness through comprehending and appreciating literacy works from English-speaking countries including the United Kingdom and the United States. Accordingly, we aim to cultivate intellectuals who can positively contribute to the relationship between Korea and the world in the era of globalization.
Courses offered by the department are based on Anglophone history, culture, language, and humanities. We aim to nurture educated intellectuals with deep insights into the principles of individualistic as well as collectivistic societies and histories. Moreover, we intend to contribute to the advancement of Korean society by cultivating intellectuals with innovative visions who ultimately serve as model democratic citizens.


With professional knowledge of British and American language and literature, we aim to foster highly qualified intellectuals who can lead academic research and the cultural fields as well as scholars who can maintain a strong research tradition. Our objective is to cultivate professionals who can utilize their knowledge of British and American language and literature to enhance their understanding of the global world by furthering their English communication skills and taking a critical stance when conducting related research and to ultimately contribute to the development of British and American language and literature and education in Korea.